A Tour of Samsung’s Office & Solutions Center in Washington D.C.

A Tour of Samsung’s Office & Solutions Center in Washington D.C.

Samsung, a South Korean electronics company that manufactures electronics products, recently hired design firm IBI Group to design their new solution center  and office in Washington D.C.

“Leveraging virtual reality to support the co-design of the space with the client, and act as a change-management tool for Samsung staff, the interactive space was designed to serve as a new location for the tech giant’s product marketing and patents groups, as well as a hoteling space for its clients. Inspired by an iridescent blue Samsung phone case, and the brand’s “infinitely immersive” tagline, the design of the space walks the line between real and virtual (nodding to the augmented reality product development happening at this location) through the use of seamless monitors in the ceiling lobby, an infinity loop featuring Samsung branded content, and a centrally-located dichroic glass ‘jewel box’ where future technologies can be road-tested.

IBI Group’s interior design team wanted the immersive experience of the space to be realized the minute a visitor stepped off the elevator. This was achieved through 40 feet of seamlessly connected Samsung Pixel Pitch LED screens covering the elevator lobby ceiling, and lobby walls clad in custom mirrored blue glass. With the ability to display imagery and play unique video content, the highly reflective space provides a true sensory experience

Moving into the space, the reception plinth is anchored by an iridescent glass ‘jewel box’ that acts as a dynamic focal point within the office. Designed as a VIP area for the client to demonstrate its latest product advancements to invited stakeholders, this special room is wrapped in dichroic material that appears to transform from different angles, shifting the perception of reality to that of a more virtual environment.

The central showroom, dubbed the ‘Future Center’, features a suite of tech-enabled mobile carts designed to be used as part of the client showcase and event space. These kiosks allow Samsung staff to demonstrate the latest mobile devices both on the cart and through their large built-in LED flat-screen displays.

The primary circulation within the facility is connected by an infinity loop of display screens surrounding the building core. Celebrating its 40-year history in the United States, Samsung uses this cyclical route to share its past, present and future brand story with visitors, and the story unfolds along the viewer’s route throughout the office. Acting as the backbone of the space, the loop structure was created using Samsung’s solid surface product and then wrapped in soft acoustic felt to add warmth and contrast the harder materials found throughout the space, including polished concrete, open ceilings and a plethora of screens and technology.

From its immersive lobby and reception area, to the VIP ‘jewel box’, augmented reality lab and smart kitchen and cafe, the design of the new Samsung Solutions Center incorporates a number of dynamic, technology-inspired zones that are woven together by the facility’s surrounding infinity loop. Capitalizing on the stunning views of Washington and Capitol Hill, the amorphic feel of the loop and walkways surrounding the kitchen areas establish an underlying beauty within the space, while edge-lit LED lighting is used to add layers and dimension; ultimately setting the stage for this technology showcase and office of the future,” says IBI Group.

  • Location: Washington D.C.
  • Date completed: 2019
  • Design: IBI Group
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