A Tour of Voyage Group’s New Tokyo Office

A Tour of Voyage Group’s New Tokyo Office

Internet marketing services company Voyage Group recently hired interior design firm Semba Corporation to design their new office in Tokyo, Japan.

“The office embodies the group’s corporate philosophy of “360-degree amazing” while also conveying a story of “voyage (travel over the sea).”

On the photogenic entrance floor, the center of which is made up of company bar Ajito, the space is connected seamlessly despite its different areas, including Lagoon, a café space with flexible layout, Oasis, the company library that also serves as a concentration space, Hill, whose design attracts the eye to different levels, and Beach, where visitors can relax and even lie down.

When updating the office from its traditional form, we aimed to achieve the principle of Activity Based Working (ABW), under which you change your workstyle depending on your task and Cultured ABW, which is based upon culture and creed. The entire office is designed so that employees can change their work style according to their work at the time while also absorbing the culture and creed of VOYAGE GROUP.

The office area on floors 16th and 17th have meeting rooms at the core of the floor while leaving the desk area as flexible as possible. Also, by placing a deck laden with amenities, we intended to reduce the burden of the back office and encourage communication between employees,” says Semba Corporation.

  • Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • Date completed: May 2019
  • Size: 53,819 square feet
  • Design: Semba Corporation
  • Photos: Katsuhiro Aoki