A Look Inside DialogTech’s Modern Chicago Office

A Look Inside DialogTech’s Modern Chicago Office

DialogTech, a software company that provides AI call tracking and analytics for marketers, hired architecture & interior design firm Eastlake Studio to design their new office in Chicago, Illinois.

“Dialogtech, a provider of AI phone services and marketing analytics, requested a workplace that would creatively reflect their ethos, rather than utilizing heavy-handed branding so often found in tech offices. Our concept followed the evolution of the telephone—from a string and cup toy to a complex global network—throughout the space, while also integrating the chain link motif that makes up Dialogtech’s logo.

Grids and shapes found in the lighting, flooring, glass graphics and a colorful string art ceiling installation all connect the space to the company’s work. A large town hall space with maximum flexibility was required for Dialogtech’s weekly all-hands meetings, when all lounge furniture is replaced by auditorium seating and regional branches join by video conference.

The town hall is also used for video games and ping pong tournaments, and with adjacency to “the garage” conference room, the entire space has the ability to expand to accommodate staff meals, impromptu concerts, and other social happenings,” says Eastlake Studio.

Elevators/ lobby
Conference room
Breakout space
Meeting space