A Tour of CreativeCubesCo’s Coworking Space – South Melbourne

A Tour of CreativeCubesCo’s Coworking Space – South Melbourne

Coworking space network CreativeCubesCo recently opened a new coworking space in South Melbourne, Australia, designed by architecture firm Corso Interior Architecture.

“A core aim of the project was to create a work space that felt uncrowded and roomy. A space that encouraged connectivity and collaboration with a homely, café style feel, one that allowed business owners, employees and clients to feel more engaged, productive and energised.

Central to the design is a running track, anchored around the space, creating an unconventional, fun and inviting work space for entrepreneurs to take their businesses to the next level. Indoor plants, natural light and industrial finishes give Creative Cubes South Melbourne a welcoming, yet contemporary vibe. Pops of neon light and an eclectic mix of street art keep the interior bright and uplifting, a stand out workspace that is sure to fuel new ideas, creativity and innovation. All of these elements combine to deliver an ideal space for business owners to collaborate, learn and grow. Conference and meeting rooms are where the magic happens, as people get together collaborate, share thoughts and ideas. It’s where creative energy flows and important decisions are made. Corso Interior Architecture brought the conference and meeting rooms to life with colour, natural light, great ventilation and comfortable seating. Each meeting room has its own particular theme, some more relaxed than others, others with bold colours or touches of wall paper to create more interest, or a textured element that draws attention.

The Whiskey Room was one of the more innovative meeting spaces, where visitors feel like they’ve been transported to a local whisky or cocktail bar. Walls are lined with cabinets filled with whisky and dark leather couches and wooden finishes create a luxurious cigar bar feel allowing visitors to sink into the comfy chairs and focus on the business at hand.

Ensuring good acoustics and minimising sound transmission from one work space to another was the key challenges that the Corso team faced. The design needed to focus on how to minimise sound travelling across the work spaces. As a result, all offices had solid walls strategically placed to offer maximum light and minimise external sounds. The shape of the booths were also been designed in a way that would help keep sound in.

Yet another challenge for the Corso team was to transform the dated office space from a stiff corporate office space to a more comfortable environment with a chilled and spacious vibe. This was achieved through the use of ‘home style’ furniture and local artwork that gave the space a more urban relaxed feel.

The design utilised lots of natural light, an internal atrium with lots of plants and greenery also creates a beautifully presented co-working space that is a pleasure to work in. Energy efficient lighting and sensors are also used throughout the site to ensure a more sustainable and cost effective use of energy.”

  • Location: South Melbourne – Australia
  • Date completed: 2020
  • Size: 43,055 square feet
  • Design: Corso Interior Architecture
  • Photos: Ting En Wong
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