A Look Inside Windward’s New Harrisburg Office

A Look Inside Windward’s New Harrisburg Office

Engineering company Windward Engineers & Consultants recently hired architecture firm Nelson Worldwide to design their new office in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

“When conceptualizing the new space, Windward expressed the importance of catering to its employees’ different work styles. The NELSON team prioritized the introduction of huddle rooms and phone booths that can also serve as personal office space. The large outdoor patio accessible through the multifunctional café provides opportunities for collaboration and socialization. It is also equipped with WiFi and the appropriate electrical connections for outdoor working.

The design team used NELSON’s Philadelphia office as inspiration for the sleek finishes to the flexible furniture, while embracing the Windward brand colors of white, grey, and blue throughout. Subtle nods to the Harrisburg area are incorporated by naming the conference rooms after local neighborhoods and landmarks, such as Spring Creek and Farm Show. Additionally, Windward named one of the huddle rooms ‘114’ — paying homage to its previous office location at 114 North 2nd Street. NELSON worked closely with its in-house Environmental Graphic Design team to introduce Windward’s graphics representing motion throughout the office. They also integrated the Windward logo and quotes that tie back to the brand and their jobs as engineers. For example, “Okay, Houston, We’ve Had A Problem Here” amplifies a relation between the astronauts calling back to engineers for help and how Windward specializes in creative solutions for clients who need help.

Overall, a key driver for both the NELSON design team and the Windward staff was employee well-being. For this project, the team incorporated a wellness lab, offering a private place of respite for employees to step away from their desks in the open office area during the day. Not to mention, the lighting in the wellness lab can match the color and intensity of the daylight or be selected by the employee.

Another unique element of the office is the ability to track occupancy data. Through this data Windward can understand how employees utilize the workspace, providing opportunities to gauge which space types are most valuable for future office renovations across the nation. Windward and NELSON collaborated on the lighting design, mixing eccentric lighting elements throughout the space to create a comfortable working environment with interesting visual vignettes. The inclusion of the highly unique lighting lab allows for the creation and mock-up of a wide array of lighting fixtures, conditions, and control technologies. Many sustainable features such as daylight dimming and programmable control zones were also incorporated.”

  • Location: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  • Date completed: 2021
  • Size: 22,000 square feet
  • Design: NELSON Worldwide
Meeting pod
Private workspaces
Meeting room
Breakout space


Breakout space
Breakout space
Breakout space
Kitchen / Café
Kitchen / Café