A Peek Inside Fleetsmith’s New San Francisco Office

A Peek Inside Fleetsmith’s New San Francisco Office

Software company Fleetsmith recently hired interior design firm Rose Design to design their new office in San Francisco, California.

“Rose Design was tasked with incorporating Fleetsmith’s values and brand across the office through design. To accomplish the request, we used the range of their brand colors from their product on their conference rooms to energize those spaces but also created a lively backdrop to the central environment where everyone gathers with versatile lounges ready for an impromptu meeting, hangout, or their all-hands meeting. The reception was designed to introduce guests to Fleetsmith’s story by offering branded swag, and showcasing items like a memoriam to the first laptop to ever run their product, awards, and mementos.

The kitchen was also an important piece of the office, not only for its essential functions but also as a gathering moment and a place to host events. We added a lounge with a backdrop for memorable event photography and playful interactive decor that becomes a conversation piece and a communication tool. Ongoing education is a cornerstone of Fleetsmith’s mission, so we created a dedicated room “Dash’s Lab” featuring brand illustrations of their core values. Beyond wall treatments, furniture, and decor we also brought in lots of plant life to bring the space to life.

We transformed Fleetsmith’s office into a productive haven for their team; it also intentionally became the framework for their evolving community as they onboarded new hires and added new partners,” says Rosa Design.

  • Location: San Francisco, California
  • Date completed: 2021
  • Design: Rose Design
  • Photos: Christopher Stark
Board room
Conference rooms
Dining area