Rose Design

Rose Design

San Francisco, California

Carly’s creative roots began from her upbringing in a small town in the foothills of California’s Central Valley, where she was surrounded by tradesmen, craftspeople, artists, and industrial agriculture.

At an early age, Carly saw her father build a successful restaurant from the ground up, designing and building by hand the furniture and the interior himself and later building their family home from scratch.

Coming from a family of skilled carpenters, mechanics, builders, and ranchers paired with her natural sense of curiosity and access to tools and materials fueled her to study the textile arts at San Francisco State University where she sharpened her perspective of color, texture, materiality, and construction.

Flash forward to today Carly has worked in the Bay Area for over a decade with growing businesses, startups, Fortune 500 Companies, and boutiques where she has translated their identity, brand, and culture into their physical spaces.

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