Inside Confidential Company Offices in New York City

Inside Confidential Company Offices in New York City

Confidential company hired architecture and interior design firm Spector Group to design their new office in New York City, New York.

“When a longstanding client came to us to refresh their office during the pandemic, the transformation had to be targeted yet impactful. Spectorgroup’s design approach was to focus on materiality and details. The result was a complete transformation of the office from its original stark design to a rich environment that showcases the evolution and reputation of the firm. The new reception provides guests and employees with a renewed sense of arrival.

The fluted glass wall encircles the reception area and opens visitors to the exterior view while still providing privacy for the adjacent conference rooms.The reception desk is anchored against a fluted marble wall, rotated from its original position, welcoming both visitors and staff. Art has historically been an important part of the office culture and was an important driver in the development of the design dialog. Richly toned paneled walls bookend the lobby, creating a contrast with the white stone and fluted glass, a play on materials that makes the lobby feel both airy and warm. A sculptural light fixture by Apparatus Studio anchors the ceiling plane above the reception desk. The bronze arms of the fixture feature delicate porcelain shades, echoing the constant balance of light and depth.

The boardroom, immediately off reception, became an extension of the new design language of the lobby. Fluted wood walls in the same tone as the lobby bookend the space. Rather than replace the custom conference table, the design team conceived of a way to refresh it in place. The stainless-steel base was re-skinned in bronze metal, and the white stone surface was restored. Existing Knoll benches were reupholstered in a warm leather tone and new lighting was installed, bringing all the new materials to life. The CEO’s office, which is positioned strategically between the boardroom and lobby has always been the heart of the space. Perched on the building’s corner, visitors feel that they are both floating above the city yet grounded by the space.

Working closely with the CEO, the furniture and materials were meticulously reviewed for his new office. The materiality echoes the new language established in the lobby and conference room. The CEO’s iconic Georgetti desk was refinished in deep tones to complement the new material palette and an existing marble table was the inspiration for new seating around the lounge area. Highly active in this process was the CEO, who was instrumental in weaving his aesthetic and persona into the new design. New furniture pieces were introduced by Walter Knoll, Poliform and Georgetti, the result is a carefully curated collection of furniture, each with their own meaning and a key element in the history and future of the space.”

  • Location: New York City, New York
  • Date completed: 2022
  • Design: Spectorgroup
  • Photos: Chris Cooper
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