A Look Inside Claroty’s New Tel Aviv Office

A Look Inside Claroty’s New Tel Aviv Office

Cybersecurity firm Claroty hired interior design firm Studio ON to design their new office in Tel Aviv, Israel.

“From the beginning of the process, it was clear to the client incorporate the company’s values, the unique graphic language of the brand, and the required functions in an unusual way on the floor plan.

Our goal in the project was to produce an office space that harmoniously combines the various functions and uses of the office with the company’s design language.
To lead the company’s employees into a pleasant, warm and soft space.

The main challenge in the project was the treatment of the public areas while creating several forms of seating in one open space to allow a wide variety of situations simultaneously.

We divided the main public space into the reception area, an informal meeting area, and the kitchen. Combining various seating arrangements, including a long knight’s tables, islands for high seating as well as cafeteria and lounge seating. This allows every employee to find the right place for him or herself, creating connections that integrate the wonderful human fabric that exists in the company. For each element designed, we created a distinguished rhythm that works in synergy with the rest of the space. These rhythms are expressed through using tiles of different sizes, grids, division of wooden surfaces into strips of varying thicknesses.

The chosen design language combines the building’s exposed shell and systems with soft material elements, colors, and forms. We sought to produce a pleasant experience, and no less important – an experience that represents the spirit of the company and its brand.”

Breakout space
Breakout space
Breakout space
Breakout space
Breakout space
Communal space / Kitchen
Phone booth