A Look Inside Levelstudio’s New Almaty Office

A Look Inside Levelstudio’s New Almaty Office

Architecture and design firm Levelstudio hired architecture firm ZIKZAK to design their new office in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

“The design of “Levelstudio space” was a real co-creation, because the client was also a co-designer of the space. In the process of work there was a magnetic connection with the customer and understanding from the word go.

Architectural firm Levelstudio wanted not just a stylish modern office, where effective work will be in full swing. First, the customer saw a workspace that would create conditions for the interaction of knowledge and ideas. An office – creative workshop with large shelves with samples of design materials and professional books – this is how the client saw the concept of the project. The founder of the company wanted their office through interior design to reflect creativity, originality, ideology and close symbiosis between employees. The team also noted the importance of an ideal terrace as a cozy recreation and reloading area.

The 100 m2 workspace will include an open space, a meeting room, a terrace, a storage room, a kitchen and bathrooms with showers. All premises were planned ergonomically and with the most convenient logistics.

Designers created an environment that reflects the character of the architectural bureau. The corrugation, a tube that interprets the ideological thread, the search for meaning, the path to the goal, became a cross-cutting symbolic idea. It meets the visitor at the entrance to the office and accompanies him throughout the premises. In the open space area, the corrugation is freed, untangled to give more space for ideas and inspiration. In other zones it is tied in a knot, symbolizing the intersection, unification of thoughts, ideas, powerful concentration of energy. The knot hints at close communication between colleagues and with clients. Corrugation is realized in the form of a decorative lamp under the ceiling, which continues in each zone.

The space is made in a minimalist style, with calm pastel colors. The core is a rich accent cobalt blue, which plays in contrast to the neutral pastel shell. Blue is used for the floor in the recreation area, wardrobe partition, kitchen wall and elements in the bathrooms. A lot of space is allocated for shelving for books and samples of materials. Modern minimalist furniture, elements made of recycled plastic and idealized reinforcing mesh emphasize the sense of style and progressiveness of the team that lives its creative life in this office.”

  • Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Date completed: 2022
  • Size: 1,614 square feet
  • Design: ZIKZAK
Breakout space
Breakout space
Meeting space
Meeting space