A Look Inside BASF’s New Izmir Office

A Look Inside BASF’s New Izmir Office

Global chemical firm BASF hired architecture and interior design firm mimaristudio to design their new office in Izmir, Turkey.

“Flexibility, modularity, transparency and experience is the start point of the space design. A hybrid work environment where is innovative, enjoyable and appealing to employees of all age groups has been planned. Besides working, a place where employees can develop themselves, socialize, share and celebrate their special days was created.

In the new physical structure, a common working and living space was aimed by providing the necessary conditions for creativity and productivity. With the idea of an “employee- centered” space, a design approach has been offered that changes the existing working culture on the basis of the physical working space. Mimaristudio, which has experienced that the most used areas in the offices are the areas with space continuity and integrity, in the projects it has realized so far, has included spaces that allow open communication, visual and auditory contact in its project.

Flexibility was one the the key point in planning of social areas, different types of individual and collaborative working areas and meeting spaces. Also, an “agile” space was designed to enable users of different profiles to collaborate, brainstorm, and engage in interactive communication during all day. The design group has reflected the design approach based on “employee well-being” to this project. The concept of well-being formed the basis of the work by proposing a place with high efficiency and productivity, where employees who spend long hours indoors and connected to technology can be physically and mentally healthy and happy. Also, the 3 main biophilic design steps were the complements of this approach within the project. In this context, a living space has been planned where employees can work in maximum daylight, regular fresh air, appropriate thermal and acoustic comfort conditions, with the right lighting solutions and technological facilities. In addition to the use of a height-adjustable desk, direct access to the terrace area inside and outside the office and activity based working principles were included in the project. In the new office, all employees have the freedom to work where, when and how. A workspace has been designed where ergonomics and comfort are prioritized, where users can feel comfortable and where they can work not only sitting but also standing.

On the other hand, the use of colors was included in the design process without suffocating the space or boring the user. Attention was paid to the correct, decisive and timeless use of color with colors that have calming, healing and relaxing properties. The project has been an important work in order to be the showcase face of the BASF global world. In this sense, BASF’ s own products were included in the project. In particular, the acoustic “basotect” product, which is one of the strong product groups of the company, was used in an aesthetic language with Mimaristudio’ s design. Giant acoustic installations designed with lighting in the existing physical structure with high ceilings are the striking details of the project.

Lighting design was also considered as a part of the whole design. While the lighting design was carried out by Mimaristudio, technical measurements and calculations were made by SDL lighting. A human-centered lighting design was aimed at different levels, within an irregular geometric structure. Technical lighting fixtures were supported with decorative lighting in some specific places.”

  • Location: Izmir, Turkey
  • Date completed: 2023
  • Size: 6,135 square feet
  • Design: mimaristudio
  • Photos: Gurkan AKAY
Breakout space
Open-plan workspace
Open-plan workspace
Open-plan workspace
Kitchen / Communal space
Open-plan workspace / Communal space
Meeting room
Meeting room