Inside Halo Service Solutions’ New Suffolk Office

Inside Halo Service Solutions’ New Suffolk Office

Software company Halo Service Solutions hired workplace design firm Bluespace to design their new office in Suffolk, England.

“The first phase began on the ground floor. An open plan space with standout features. Desks were arranged in a unique format and furniture was selected not only to look good, but to be functional and ergonomic.

Biophilic elements are a key feature throughout the space, bringing the outside in. As part of this, planters were installed between the desks to enable employees to grow their own fruits and vegetables, encouraging further environmental awareness.

Perhaps the most noticeable feature is the slide in the middle of the entrance way. The idea behind this was when a visitor arrives, the person they are here to see will greet them by sliding down the slide. They will then take them to the bar area before proceeding to the meeting room, instantly making the visitor feel at ease and welcome before business proceeds.

Technology is a key aspect for such a forward-thinking company and we wanted to provide seamless technological solutions. Of course the workspace needed to be functional as well as fun. Being a software company they work with a lot of screens and it was important to make sure this was accommodated throughout the space. There are many dashboard screens visible in all areas and a video wall installation. The video wall is great for presentations, exhibitions and parties with the ability to directly connect to the screens using your phone.

Halo wanted to take a unique approach in terms of applying their branding to their workspace. There is a Halo backlit sign as soon as you walk in, then throughout the workspace there is a contrast between linear and halo lights, subtly alluding to their branding without being bombarded.

It was important to offer and incorporate a range of seating solutions, from soft seating and dining benches throughout the bar area to banquette seating with power, allowing people to take a break and also work there if they want to. There are also a number of quiet spaces ideal for calls, private meetings and 1 to 1 training, including a showcase room which serves as their main meeting room. This is fitted out with luxury furniture from Orangebox exuding a contemporary style and ergonomic design.”

  • Location: Suffolk, England
  • Date completed: 2023
  • Design: Bluespace
Breakout space
Communal space / bar
Kitchen/ Bar