A Look Inside Watsons’ New Singapore Office

A Look Inside Watsons’ New Singapore Office

Beauty & health retailer Watsons hired interior design firm ID21 to design their new office in Singapore.

“The strategic integration of Watsons’ brand language into their new work environment was a critical component of the project. For example, the reception area, breakout hub and meeting rooms are well-suited for bolder communications through the playful injections of bright colours, graphics and material applications. Conversely, our design language for the general work areas was subtly expressed through muted colour tones and comfortable work settings.

A strong sense of arrival has been created where users and visitors are visually oriented to intuitively navigate through various zones from this main junction space. Curved glass-wrapped meeting rooms conveniently situated at the reception area provide opportunities for casual touchdown discussions for employees or private conversations with clients and partners. ‘Colour- changing’ dichroic film has been used on the exterior of the meeting rooms to create a vibrant iridescent glow when viewed from different angles.

The central breakout area forms the heart of the space where employees can congregate, creating a convivial atmosphere. The elevated platform at its perimeter provides expansive views of the city skyline while doubling up as a functional storage space. Various seating options such as bar tables, benches and semi-enclosed booths offer alternative ways for employees to work, unwind and collaborate. The space can also be reconfigured to support high-density meetings such as company-wide events and townhalls.

The breakout area seamlessly transitions into the general work area, providing smooth circulation flow. Various pockets of collaborative zones and casual work settings have been interspersed throughout the flexible hotdesking area, offering informal spaces conducive for quick discussions and impromptu meetings. Focus work areas and private phonebooths strike a balance between individual and group spaces to support a variety of activity-based working scenarios.

Through intentional design, Watsons’ new workplace catalyses mindful interactions among employees and sparks visual interest through the use of a bold and dynamic design language. The shift to a more flexible, adaptable and contemporary workplace design has created a diverse environment for collaboration, focus and social exchange.”

  • Location: Singapore
  • Date completed: 2021
  • Size: 12,000 square feet
  • Design: ID21
  • Photos: Marcus Lim
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