A Look Inside TriliTech’s New London Office

A Look Inside TriliTech’s New London Office

Blockchain development company TriliTech recently hired workplace design firm Trifle Creative to design their new office in London, England.

“Their potential for rapid expansion beyond this office location meant that they wanted to avoid spending too much of their budget on big structural changes. However as the company recruits highly specialised talent, it was critical to achieve a high-performance environment to help attract them.

trilitech didn’t want just another nice looking office, their aim was a high-end aesthetic with character. Our design focused on considerable changes to the finishes and fixtures in lieu of more radical layout alterations and we ensured that every piece of furniture and the final styling added further layers to the scheme. Everywhere you look, there is something to catch the eye, be it a bespoke rug or a carefully curated piece of art. The office is warm and elegant yet playful and somewhere trilitech employees and clients love spending time.

Our human centred design concentrated on zoning the space by taking advantage of the location’s multiple floors. Each level or area caters to a particular workplace function and is governed by an aspect of the overall colour palette. Travelling through the space, the variation is subtle but has a notable impact on the experience. Warming hues are used for more social and collaborative spaces. Calming pinks and greens are introduced in areas for more individual, focused and desk based work.

Throughout, the colour palette and style is peppered with biophilic design touches to induce a feeling of calm and retain a connection to nature. Great furniture selection was critical to contributing to the overall high-end function and design aesthetic. Classic and modern pieces were instrumental in communicating the overall feeling of the considered, contemporary space. Meeting spaces and outward facing spaces for collaborative work and visitors are welcoming, with rich colour and plush, warm furniture. This wise investment into stylish yet durable pieces of furniture that are built to last means that the items can stay with the company should they expand beyond their current office. This approach creates a more sustainable project, reducing waste and lowering the future carbon footprint. Hardworking, functional pieces like the developer’s sit-stand desks in open work areas were finished with soft-touch Forbo and given acoustic partitions that chimed with the colour of the zone and gave privacy for focused working. Linear table systems in oak and elegant office chairs were used in co-working zones where visitors and employees could more casually drop in.”

  • Location: London, England
  • Date completed: 2023
  • Size: 22,000 square feet
  • Design: Trifle Creative
Meeting room
Breakout space