A Look Inside NAOS’ New Mexico City Office

A Look Inside NAOS’ New Mexico City Office

Skincare company NAOS recently hired architecture and interior design firm SPACE to design their new office in Mexico City, Mexico.

“The corporate space is undoubtedly one of the elements of society that will need to be rethought and reinvented to surpass its history, therefore, this project takes on the commitment to provide a vision of the work environment that is more humane and empathetic, and that positively transforms people’s lives. Simultaneously, there has been a growing demand for transdisciplinary workspaces, innovation, and social interaction, accordingly, the solutions proposed for NAOS allow individuals to create the environments they need and choose the workspace that contributes the most to their personal habitability experience.

Features of the natural world, such as vegetation and natural light, have been integrated in the architectural design, along with elements like wood and tectonic materials to create a range of sensations that leave a lasting impression on those who inhabit the space. At the same time, different environments were incorporated to provide diversity in color, texture, and work style. The atmosphere and sensations emanating from this space were strategically generated through architectural elements that transport the user to a place completely different from a traditional corporate setting.

With the aim of promoting socialization in a relaxed, fresh, natural, and welcoming environment, we implemented a natural setting as a focal point that connects the various hierarchies of the organization and unifies the different levels of collaboration and coexistence. One of the most complex challenges was to achieve highly efficient interior spaces that had sufficient natural light to work with the minimal artificial lighting possible, while incorporating greenery to address the health and well-being of its inhabitants.

The sustainable life cycle of the space was considered within the project through the use of rapidly renewable materials, ergonomic and flexible furniture, as well as low-VOC and high-content recycled materials. Behind every space created in this organization, there are reasons that inspire growth as a consequence of a different, more empathetic, flexible, and above all, more creative work model.”

  • Location: Mexico, City, Mexico
  • Date completed: 2023
  • Size: 16,000 square feet
  • Design: SPACE
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Open-plan workspace
Open-plan workspace
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