A Tour of Fidurock’s New Prague Office

A Tour of Fidurock’s New Prague Office

Real estate investment firm Fidurock recently hired architecture and interior design studio Barbora Leblova Interiors & Architecture to design their new office in Prague, Czech Republic.

“What colour is the sky on top of the mountains? How do we get to the top? And what kind of environment do we want in the office where we spend a lot of time? These were all questions for Barbora Léblová, who designed a very playful interior on the one hand, but on the other hand catches the eye with carefully chosen materials, colours and also a distinctive wall-design.

“The founders of Fidurock love the mountains. Climbing heights and being in the wilderness is in their DNA. This is not only reflected in their business, where they go step by step through complex paths to the top, but also in the brief for what their offices should look like,” says Barbora Leblova.
Right at the beginning of the cooperation, the client also expressed the need for a major change in the colour scheme and the effect of the interior. The previous offices, which Barbora had designed for Fidurock in tones of light oak and white, suddenly seemed somewhat sedentary to the ever-rejuvenating Fidurock team, and the employees appealed for a non-traditional colour solution

Three elements

Let’s piece together the power of mountains and business. Let’s bring the values of a property development company indoors. Pathways to the top. Pathways to the sky. What are the elements that Barbora Léblová has projected in the Fidurock offices? The calm force is pigeon blue complemented by wall illustrations by Jakub Bachorík. In a playfully pop-art way, he shows what kind of cable cars lead to the tops of mountains: not only the business ones, but also the real ones. Grey and silver carpets on the floor refer to the mountains, the rocks and the nature of the investor’s business. “From the beginning of our collaboration, I saw Fidurock as strong climbers who go up step by step. They set up base camp, they move on… Figuratively speaking: they put on their metal crampons, jam an axe, and go higher again,” says interior designer Barbora Leblova.
This approach is matched by the colourful interiors, which cover an area of 360 m2. in the Flow office building on Wenceslas Square. “For me, Fidurock are heartthrobs who don’t just climb mountains. They were also clear about what their offices should look like. I had full confidence and a free hand,” adds Barbora Leblova.


And how does the whole composition of the space work? “Blue is the colour of the sky that surrounds the mountain peaks. It is a colour that calms and brings strength at the same time. This is the first element I brought into the interior of the offices. Also, the name of the meeting rooms Triglav and Mont Blanc refers to the climbing route,” says Bára. The blue is complemented by grey and black, with a harmonious complement of walnut veneer in the interior. The wood and its texture have a
in combination with the curtains and the subtle colours of the interior have a calming effect.”

Collaborative space
Meeting room
Breakout space
Breakout space
Breakout space
Breakout space