A Tour of OVIOS’ New Foshan Office

A Tour of OVIOS’ New Foshan Office

Technology firm OVIOS hired interior design firm Good Try to design their new headquarters in Foshan, China.

“The creation of each scene, the arrangement of every detail, encompasses the breadth of a world seen from afar and the depth of the touch of time. Amidst the bustling steel and concrete jungle of CBD, it forges a humanized workspace and social scene, characterized by “art, quality, technology, and humanities.” Here, work coexists with life.

Based on the respect for the brand, city, and culture, we meticulously sculpted the spatial outline with refined techniques. The entire design is aimed at creating an immersive, scenically-driven experiential space, interpreting the relationships between humans and space, humans and nature from various perspectives. It seeks to present the abundant beauty of nature, the boundless realm of art, and the delightful aspects of life to people.

We skillfully juxtaposed the contrast between ‘propriety and order’ and ‘freedom and openness.’ The prominent OVIOS metallic floor-standing logo in the foreground flawlessly showcases the corporate brand in the space. The background incorporates diamond-cut elements in various module combinations, symbolizing ‘In the midst of the unchanging, myriad changes unfold.’ Innovation remains the core competitive advantage for manufacturing companies. The encounter of stone and metal not only provides a rational spatial texture but also embodies a sensory aesthetic in living.

When the elevator doors open, a “Urban nature” themed showcase presents various natural backgrounds and scenarios that blend with “OVIOS” outdoor and office product lines. It breaks the conventional showcase used for sales presentations, creating an atmosphere of artistic beauty. Both novel and unique, it demonstrates the enduring charm of “OVIOS.”

The freedom of culture, the fusion of East and West, evolves into the unique genes of this space. It serves as both a café, a book bar, and a product showroom. The entire design aims to create an immersive, scenographic experiential space that interprets the relationship between people and space, as well as people and nature, from multiple perspectives. It showcases the richness of nature’s beauty, the boundless realm of art, and the delightful aspects of life. It’s a commercial art space breaking free from conventional mechanical constraints, allowing for innovative forms to emerge. In the open space, large floor-to-ceiling windows bring abundant natural light into the area. Sunlight and vibrant colors reflect the warm, rustic ambiance, providing a sense of relaxation amid busy work routines. The space exhibits a feeling of coexistence with the outdoor environment.

An artistic wall panel combined with a metal structure, in a fireplace-like integration, semi-openly divides the coffee bar from the front hall, resembling a large painting frame, extending a rich sense of layers like an “art corridor.” As a starting point, visitors embark on a fascinating journey through the OVIOS corporate culture display area, showcasing the brand’s past, present, and future through technology and innovative materials. From Han Xizai’s Night Banquet to Wang Xizhi’s Orchid Pavilion Gathering, private banquets have always been reserved for honored guests, carrying multiple meanings such as status, etiquette, and elegant gatherings. A courtyard embraces heaven and earth, hosting distinguished guests in front of the mountains. In the delicious mountain feast, toasts and conversations bridge the north and south, creating a unique moment for urban elites, preserved within the private banquet. Following the ancient tradition of welcoming guests, in this space, the abstract becomes tangible, distances are bridged, and regional cultures come to life. All elements reflect the vitality and warmth of this space. As the relationship between people and space continues to evolve, the space moves beyond a single sales function to offer rich life experiences. For business meetings, friend gatherings, company team-building, and corporate events, it provides an immersive atmosphere for participants.”

  • Location: Foshan, China
  • Date completed: 2023
  • Size: 21,527 square feet
  • Design: Good Try
  • Photos:One Thousand Degree Image
Meeting room
Breakout space
Breakout space
Breakout space
Breakout space
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