A  Tour of Union Investment’s New London Office

A Tour of Union Investment’s New London Office

Investment firm Union Investment recently hired workplace design studio Oktra to design their new office in London, England.

“The location, surrounded by restaurants and high-end establishments, meant the space leant itself well to a resimerical design scheme, blending functionality with aesthetics. A discreet logo sits in the entrance to subtly reflect the client’s brand, while the pink tones in the reception seating area create a warm, inviting ambiance. Working in collaboration with the client and our in-house furniture team, we carefully selected task chairs and subtly coloured meeting room furniture to contribute to a less corporate atmosphere, while water wave fabric panels in the meeting rooms add an artistic touch, making the small space feel homely and comfortable.

The client’s brief outlined a compact yet functional office space that would hold desk space, two meeting rooms, and supplementary spaces including a teapoint, shower, and toilet. The shower and toilet are designed with an automatic sliding door in order to be DDA compliant, while the dark colour scheme in the shower area evokes a slick and sophisticated feel. In the street-facing meeting room, the design had to strike a delicate balance between offering privacy without compromising the abundance of natural light. The solution was to install blinds that can be closed for full privacy and gradient manifestations to allow natural light in when confidentiality isn’t required.

Emphasising quality, the project steered away from replica products and instead made use of timber flooring, natural materials, and carefully selected finishes for an understated elegance. The design masterfully balances exposed ceilings, architectural elements, and painted brickwork, creating an equilibrium between a neutral, simplistic design and muted, colourful features. The timber flooring warms the space, counteracting the potential coldness of exposed elements, resulting in a fusion of commercial and residential elements that create a timeless aesthetic.

The refurbished space stands as a resimerical retreat, harmonising functionality with aesthetic excellence and thoughtfully incorporating the client’s brand ethos to create a workspace that not only meets Union Investment’s operational needs but also resonates with the upscale character of its surroundings.”

  • Location: London, England
  • Date completed: 2024
  • Size: 9,600 square feet
  • Design: Oktra
  • Photos: Luca Piffaretti
Meeting room
Open-plan workspace