A Tour of Decor Systems’ New Sydney Office

A Tour of Decor Systems’ New Sydney Office

Accoustic solutions compan Decor Systems recently hired design and construction firm Crest Interiors to design their new office in Sydney, Australia.

“Decor Systems, a renowned architectural acoustic supplier, had a clear vision for its new office space. It aimed to foster a culture of collaboration and innovation and create a dedicated area to showcase its products. With the move from a smaller 1,200 sqm office, the larger space also facilitated the integration of various operations under one roof, including the warehouse, manufacturing, dispatch, showroom, and office areas. We were engaged with designing and implementing a seamless office relocation that combined style and functionality. We focused on integrating Decor Systems’ acoustic products throughout the office, showcasing their versatility and quality in practical and aesthetic applications.

Key areas such as the executive offices, showroom, and open-plan spaces featured these acoustic solutions as ceiling and wall features. Additionally, we created a “town hall” area with casual booth seating, integrated audio-visual technology to facilitate company meetings and events while providing a social space for staff to connect.

Our design team selected additional finishes and materials to complement Decor Systems’ products. The reception counter, accented with vegan leather panelling, enhanced the entry space without overshadowing the acoustic products.

The office design utilised a complementary palette reflecting Decor’s branding, with downstairs oak tones complementing navy and burgundy, while upstairs showcased walnut alongside olive tones for a warm and professional executive suite. Graphics displaying the company’s mission and values were integrated into the main open-plan office space, reinforcing its brand identity. A standout feature was incorporating Decor’s new “Contours of Country” range, developed in collaboration with Blaklash a creative design consultancy specialising in First Nations art. This award-winning product line was displayed as the feature ceilings throughout. Despite the complexity of incorporating multiple feature finishes across multiple spaces, construction was achieved within an impressive 10-week timeline.”

  • Location: Sydney, Australia
  • Date completed: 2024
  • Size: 7,976 square feet
  • Design: Crest Interiors
Meeting space
Staircase / Lounge