ELM | Ervin Lovett Miller

ELM | Ervin Lovett Miller

Jacksonville, Florida

ELM | Ervin Lovett Miller is made up of architects, landscape architects, planners, and staff who believe in the value of design to improve quality of life and the value of our world, however it’s measured.

In 2001, Russ Ervin, Steve Lovett, and Tim Miller set up folding desks and a coffee pot in the studio above Tim’s garage and started Ervin Lovett Miller. Now, as ELM approaches two decades in business with hundreds of successful projects in our portfolio, we remain energized in our passion for the contributions that well-designed places can have on the creation of value and enhancement of quality of life.

ELM has held tight to our original belief that an integrated, multidisciplinary practice of planning, architecture, and landscape architecture together, essentially as a single discipline, enables the firm to elevate potential solutions to a higher level and to create greater value–resulting in inspired, creative design solutions that become technically sound, high-performing, and beautiful places.

Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, ELM provides professional services to clients throughout the United States and internationally. The firm offers the talent and depth commonly found in a large firm, together with the boutique-scale and intensely personalized service and partner-level accountability of a small practice.

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