Laney LA

Laney LA

Los Angeles, California

Laney LA is an award-winning architecture and design studio driven by the conviction that great architecture can inspire the best in humanity – moving those who experience it, shaping neighborhoods, and impacting the way we steward our environment. Based in Los Angeles, the studio specializes in residential, commercial, and interior design projects along the western coast and mountain ranges of the United States.

With a global roster from Canada to South Africa, Laney LA is a place where diverse minds gather, focused on the simultaneous pursuit of critical discourse and vibrant culture. Conscious of architecture’s ability to connect our lives with nature, their projects seek symbiosis between the built and natural environment, and have been recognized by the 2022 AIA Los Angeles Residential Honor awards and the 2022 Dezeen Longlist.

Ultimately, Laney LA’s approach requires an embrace of the tension between sustainability and affordability, nostalgia and progress, rigorous design and artful service. For there is strength found in tensility, and beauty found in paradox.

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