New York City, New York

LUKSTUDIO is a boutique design practice based in New York City and Shanghai. Founded by Christina Luk in 2011, the studio is comprised of an international team with diverse backgrounds and cultural perspectives. With a common desire to challenge the status quo of the environment, the team finds joy in creating meaningful design solutions for others.

Lukstudio’s strength lies in an ‘everything is possible’ attitude that is influenced by the surrounding context of Shanghai; a fast-paced city where East meets West and tradition is integrated with innovation.

Each project tells its own story, and Lukstudio is proud to identify a narrative, preserving it from concept through to completion to deliver memorable spatial experiences that delight and surprise.

We collaborate closely with clients and contractors to deliver artistic solutions within a commercial scope. The team enjoys experimenting with materials, light and shadow to make each project unique, while also extending the boundaries of architecture.

Lukstudio has been widely published and regarded internationally; it was listed by GOOOOD as one of the top 10 young designers in 2015. Recent accolades for ‘The Noodle Rack’ include: ‘The Top 10 Interiors of 2015’ in Azure magazine, a TID Award and winner of the Casual Restaurant category at the Hospitality Design Awards in New York.



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