Maya Baklan

Maya Baklan

Kyiv, Ukraine

It’s really good to know that you’re thinking about a particular design of your apartment, an originally arranged home, a really memorable office or a bar where anything is out of the norm. Maya Baklan’s team will take on discerning connoisseur’s interior — residential or commercial — with enthusiasm.

The result, by default, will be functional and ergonomical. But that’s not enough for both of us, so we’ll provoke you to invent nothing less than your own extraordinary style. We’ll stimulate you to avoid imitatioms using only original interior objects, from design icons to democratic items. We’ll motivate your choice of onorthodox, colorful, expressive resolutions instead of neutral and generally accepted.

We only come up with rational, realistic variants: we’re not going to consume your resource chasing a wide range of unpractical options.

We promise to be extremely attentive to your needs and wishes. Yes, we really appreciate reasonable amendments. Thank you for not being lazy to make them.

Projects of this designer