Shubin Donaldson

Shubin Donaldson

Los Angeles, California

Shubin Donaldson architects focus on delivering residential and commercial buildings and interiors that are thoughtfully conceived and exquisitely executed.

Our professional staff is committed to innovative contemporary design solutions. We do our best work collaborating with clients who have high standards and who are well-informed about the value of design.

Having grown over the past 25 years to being a firm with a dedicated full-time staff of over fifty talented people, and with offices in three Southern California locations, we understand that our success hinges on the highest level of professional responsibility to our clients. Russell Shubin, AIA and Mark Hershman are based in Los Angeles; Robin Donaldson, AIA, heads the firm’s office in Santa Barbara. We work together closely and share a common language for the spaces we create: direct, unpretentious, and layered.

The company is structured in design studios of deep typological expertise within a culture where collaboration and creative experimentation is encouraged. This creative tension and dynamic context leads to breakthrough solutions in form, craft, and material expression while maintaining the discipline of adhering to budget and schedule.

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