Studio JCI

Studio JCI

Toronto, Canada

Our studio is founded on the desire to produce good work, test creative ideas and build buildings we are proud of. We believe that we can instigate positive change and transformation by bringing design to areas where it is often ignored, and we look for opportunities in every project to re-examine conventional solutions.

Each project, regardless of programme, budget, or scope, is approached as an opportunity to achieve these goals while delivering outstanding results to our clients.

Our work is a culmination of intensive study, from concept and aesthetics through to functionality and building performance. We use location as a catalyst to explore regional identity and vernacular technique to create projects that embrace their context.

Within our collaborative and open studio, we strive to rigorously examine the physical, urban and sociocultural context of every project. The culture and relationships we cultivate within the studio, with our consultants, and with clients, are as critical to the success of our projects as the strategies we use to design and execute them.

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