T2a Architects

T2a Architects

Budapest, Hungary

T2.a Architects was founded in 2004 by father and son, Gábor TURÁNYI (1948 – 2020) and Bence TURÁNYI (1974) in Budapest, Hungary. In the last decade T2.a have designed and followed to completion many succesfull and innovative buildings that belong to the vanguard of contemporary Hungarian architecture. The office has been managed since the beginning by Bence, who became Lead Designer in 2012, year of retirement of Gábor from the everyday activity. Our team is composed by young, talented and dedicated architects and engineers who share the same philosophy and vision about Architecture.

Our work is characterized by an opennes of mind both intelectually and technically. We are convinced that Architecture means the creation of buildings that can strike a healthy balance between aspects of art and everyday demands, technology and economy. Such buildings always bring long term solution for the individual and society alike, meanwhile creating outstanding Architecture as well.

Our creations are never wanton but an exact answer to the conditions, the program and its analysis. But Architecture as a creative process cannot be based only on rational thought only – this is why we devote special attention to intuition, the “first hunch”. And we are proud that our first sketches almost always prove the test of the later analysis.

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