Tandem Design Studio

Tandem Design Studio

Melbourne, Australia

Our approach to architectural practice is summed up simply. Making things better | Making better things If you are passionate about generating positive social and environmental impacts, we’re a great match. We’re known for our ability to develop imaginative and pragmatic solutions to our clients’ and society’s real problems. We bring agility, responsiveness and genuine expertise. When you work with us, you get highly experienced architects who seek to understand your business objectives and respond with meaningful, thought-provoking and commercially astute design solutions.

We are passionate about connecting design more directly with construction – this is a continuing area of learning and development. We’re also proactive researchers. We have strong in house R&D capabilities and aren’t afraid of forming innovative partnerships that enhance our problem-solving capabilities.

We have played pivotal roles in high profile projects like Melbourne’s Federation Square and Hobart’s Museum of Old and New Art (MONA). Equally, we’ve designed award winning shop fitouts and single residential homes.

We set our sights on democratising access to great architecture. The future lies with the collective, with working… in TANDEM.

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