TEF Design

TEF Design

San Francisco, California

At TEF Design we believe that extraordinary results are achieved through authentic collaboration with our clients. Our work reflects the unique circumstances of each client and commission with an approach that focuses on listening, open communication, and follow through.

Established in 1997, we are an architecture and interior design firm located in San Francisco. Our staff of over 30 is distinguished by the convergence of “large firm” experience delivered through the culture and care of a small practice. We combine these skills with a deep commitment to craftsmanship, value, and responsibility to create memorable places where people come together to share ideas and build community.

While every project we design is an original expression, each shares a common framework of design principles. We seek modern, economic, and responsible solutions that are optimistic, open, and warm; that foster community, health, and well-being; and that are emotionally-satisfying to those who visit, work, and live in them.

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