A Tour of o9 Solutions’ New Dallas Office

o9 Solutions, a technology company that provides digital management platforms for visibility, analytics, planning, and collaboration, recently reached out to interior design firm lauckgroup, to redesign their offices in Dallas, Texas.

“Their tagline “Smart, Simple, Fun” evokes their core values of minimalism and efficiency coupled with employee welfare. lauckgroup was engaged to develop design solutions for a space that would foster interaction and collaboration. o9 desired a creative space that would uplift and provides positive interactions between introverts and extroverts. Multiple space types, including informal open meeting areas, enclosed rooms of various sizes, and a large open breakroom, contribute to a comfortable, versatile office for all. One of the main gestures in this cost effective build-out is the curved breakroom ceiling. This conceptually speaks to o9’s business model of fully optimizing their clients’ work processes. The parabolic curve indicates the infinite growth opportunity for each company they serve. Other spaces, such as “the brain,” serve as dynamic yet practical idea generating spaces. The raised platform, graphic walls, marker board space, spacious open to deck ceiling, and generous daylight promote interaction and fresh ways of thinking. The furniture fully supports the concept of “Smart, Simple, Fun,” encouraging users to shift from their immediate environment and individual posture to stand, sit, lounge, and even swing to stimulate brain activity and reconfigure neural networks. Overall, a spirit of inclusion and a freeform use of space allow o9 Solutions to fully and dynamically support an array of workstyles while cultivating an atmosphere to best support the development of client products and services”, says lauckgroup

  • Location: Dallas, Texas
  • Date completed: 2017
  • Design and photos: lauckgroup
Brainstorming area
Open office
Breakout space
Meeting rooms
Graphic team
Conference room