A Look Inside N26’s New Berlin Office

N26, a popular Berlin-based fintech startup that allows its customers to manage their bank accounts through their smartphones, recently moved into a new Berlin headquarters, designed by interior design & architecture firm TKEZ Architects.

“The Style of the Office Space is all about conserving the rough but rational and straight forward concrete structure of the Plattenbau, leaving the concrete prefabricated elements of the ceilings and columns exposed and adding transparent partitions which generate the floorplan custom designed to the companys needs and requirements. To this bare structural concrete TKEZ added taktile surfaces and colorful textures to give the spaces the high-end design, visual qualities and comfort. TKEZ designed the matrix of numbers and digits, derived from the banks code, which is covering the floor surface of the open office spaces in white letters. The strong linearity of the building is enhanced by layouting the floorplan with the work groups, meeting rooms, single offices and breakout spaces such as a lounge space, the kitchen as informal meeting space and telephone booths only on the one side towards the spree river. The natural lighting situation and workplace comfort is optimized this way. One slender continuous linear lighting element stretches down the 30m hallway while the pendant lights above the workbenches are arrayed perpendicular. The other Part of the office forms the big former ballroom. TKEZ also exposed the rough concrete structure and beams of the space, showing the huge dimension and generated a strong visual impact by the liear light strips which are designed to create a “movement of light” through the ample space. The movement of the light develops from head height when one enters the space and rises up to a height of 6m at the end of the space above the gaming galery. This large ballroom is also the place for the emplyees to come together for presentations and meetings on the wide tribune steps,” said TKEZ Architects

  • Location: Berlin, Germany
  • Date completed: 2016
  • Size: 16,000 square feet
  • Design: TKEZ Architects
  • Photos: Benjamin A. Monn
Front desk

Breakout zone
Phone booth

Wall art
Breakout zone