A Tour of Shopify’s New Toronto Office

A Tour of Shopify’s New Toronto Office

E-commerce company Shopify recently opened a new office in Toronto, Canada, which was designed by architectural firm Linebox Studio.

“”Shopify​ ​Toronto has recently unveiled several floors of its Toronto office space as the Canadian e-commerce giant continues to expand in Toronto’s emerging tech hub. After acquiring the top nine floors of the King Portland Centre building, the internal Shopify Facilities Design team collaborated with ​Linebox Studio​, a progressive architectural and interior design studio with offices in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal to create an incredibly unique and forward-thinking space fit for 400+ employees.

These new floors are part of the ongoing rapid redevelopment of the buildings on King Street West, and showcases just how Canada’s tech industry is changing the culture of how we live and work. Within this office space, there are not just stunning windows and 360 degree views of the Toronto city skyline; there are custom designed workspaces for the many groups of tech experts who work with the more than one million online global merchants using the Shopify platform.

Features: in this newly unveiled space include unique adaptable spaces such as an auditorium that also serves as the main cafeteria – a new custom staircase will connect upper floors while also providing additional bleacher style seating with wide planks, cushions, and a view of the auditorium stage. The staircase is also a place for Shopifolk to pause in transition, listen in on a Town Hall, or even play one of the board games that are stacked in the area. The spaces in this office were designed to be flexible and can accomodate the evolving needs of those who work in them.

As with Shopify’s other offices, there is a balance of different types of work spaces. Linebox worked to develop areas where Shopify staff can do their best work regardless of whether they are introverts or extroverts, need to work in small groups, host large meetings or meet with one other person. In addition, “wellness: areas are also included throughout the office; areas where staff can retreat and recharge: a yoga studio, game room and lounges.

Catering to Shopify’s expanding global workforce was also a key consideration throughout the design. Every meeting space is outfitted with tech features making video conferencing easy and enjoyable. Each meeting room is designed with the local and remote user in mind – the quality of the space for those meeting in person is just as important as what the remote user sees and experiences when they video-in for a conference.

Finally and importantly, Linebox worked closely with the Shopify Facilities Design team to ensure that all of the spaces feature pieces designed and/or distributed by Shopify merchants. From wall art to furniture, there is evidence everywhere of the vast local and international online marketplace and merchants that Ottawa-based Shopify platform supports.”

  • Location: Toronto, Canada
  • Date completed: 2019
  • Design: Linebox Studio
  • Photos: Alexandra Sofia
Concrete volume
Seating pods
Meeting room
Breakout space
Breakout space
Touchdown station