A Tour of PHYD’s Contemporary Milan HUB

A Tour of PHYD’s Contemporary Milan HUB

PHYD, a digital platform and physical space made by The Adecco Group, recently hired interior design studio Il Prisma to design their new hub in Milan, Italy.

“Conceived as the natural evolution of the Phyd.com platform, PHYD is structured into a gamified journey, in order to increase the engagement and user experience. A pervasive artificial intelligence invades physical spaces, generating an alternate reality environment dedicated to professional growth and continuous learning. Perforated sheet metal surfaces, copper, concrete and polycarbonate, they all root the experience in the physical world, while the digital layer engages users and enhances the experience with dynamics of self-quantification, rewards and human connections.

Called The Greatest Adventure. You, the design concept is inspired by alternate reality games and develops into an experiential journey that is divided in four moments-areas: Start PHYD, Training, Connection and Food.

The entrance, Edge, is the immersive Limbo that marks the transition from the external physical world to the phygital world of PHYD; through light and sound effects, this impactful place communicates to the visitor-player what PHYD is and amplifies the immersive experience.

The training area hosts 5 spaces, Capsules, dedicated to individual use of heterogeneous contents and experiences, where the user relates to PHYD through technology (self-interview, professional self-portrait, 3D assessment with 360-degree glasses); while Forge is designed as a place for activating networking, sharing, dialogue, learning as well as vertical training for small groups.‍

Arena is the space dedicated to connectivity and hosts courses, workshops, talks and events. It is adjacent to the Restaurant&Cafè, from which the nutrition culture spreads,” says Il Prisma.

Communal space
Communal space
Breakout space
Dining area / seating
Interactive touchscreens
Meeting rooms