Il Prisma

Il Prisma

Milan, Italy

In 1970 the mission to combine design and functionality within a unique design synthesis was conceived – to radically transform the common conception of interior space into an instrument of analysis and expression of peoples’ living and working life styles.


Our skills are constantly enriched within a portfolio of multidisciplinary integrated services at all stages of the design process: research and development, design and production are the distinguishing elements at the core of our design philosophy, which for over 40 years has been distinguished by experimentation with cutting edge and technologically advanced solutions, to provide all encompassing support to our clients with reliability and success.


Our ideas are formed from the merging of many minds and creative talents who share a passion for challenge combined with a deep knowledge of the industry, allowing us to handle the most complex design issues and achieve universal approval from our clients.


Experience and creativity, and in particular the desire to listen to customer needs, represent the main spread of skills Il Prisma has at its disposal.


Redefine your habits is the name of our multidisciplinary methodology which establishes strategic innovation and challenge for research as key values for the pursuit of excellence.

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