A Look Inside Anadolu Agency’s New Istanbul Office

A Look Inside Anadolu Agency’s New Istanbul Office

Press agency Anadolu hired architecture firm BAB Architects to design their new office in Istanbul, Turkey.

“The interior design concept of the building was primarily intended to reflect the institution’s prestige and innovative vision not only developing architectural solutions but also supporting these solutions with technological and infrastructural aspects related with Broadcast Design regulations.

The project consists of three main sections: the Executive (management) floor, open-plan office floors, and the ground and 1st Basement floors where the building’s main entrance, staff entrance lobbies, cafe-bistro, mini amphitheater-seminar area, sports hall, mosque, etc., as well as common areas, are located. The concept of the Executive Floor is developed with a minimalist approach, utilizing balanced use of light gray and shades in both matte and glossy surfaces. It features sophisticated American walnut furniture surfaces and textile-based vinyl decorative wallpapers in neutral brown colors on the walls, maintaining the floor’s elegance. In terms of architectural planning, the management offices were strategically positioned along the facade line of the floor. Additionally, a spacious common area was created as a waiting area, which was named the “glass bubble”. This elliptical waiting area, located along the central axis of the floor, also guides the circulation within the floor. The interior of the bubble is highlighted with live plants, enhancing a green and soothing environment throughout the floor, supported by an extensive landscaping project implemented throughout the floor.

On the ceiling level aligned with the waiting area, a skylight is designed, which spans across two floors and incorporates a curvilinear staircase that serves as another impactful element of the floor concept. By adding this skylight detail to the floor concept, the aim is to give the floor’s minimalist character a structurally striking identity through the selection of colors and materials.

The concept of the open-plan office floors is developed with the aim of creating a modern and transparent working environment. The functional and spatial divisions of all areas, except for the administrative offices on the floors, are created through platforms and permeable custom-made furniture. To create a minimalist and sophisticated working environment, a serene and bright background is established by utilizing light gray tones and incorporating subtle wooden touches in the selection of materials and colors. This bright background represents the common design language of each office floor and the overall project concept.

On the other hand, a specific color is chosen for each open-plan office floor to be highlighted on the repeated common surfaces. This approach creates a separate color concept representing each floor. Thus, the design composition of the office floors is also built upon a distinct color concept that particularly represents each floor.”

  • Location: Istanbul, Turkey
  • Date completed: 2023
  • Size: 161,458 square feet
  • Design: BAB Architects
  • Photos: Egemen Karakaya
Communal space
Communal space
Communal space
Communal space
Breakout space
Communal space / Meeting room
Breakout space
Communal space
Meeting room