Inside The Press Democrat’s New Santa Rosa Office

Inside The Press Democrat’s New Santa Rosa Office

  • Array Michal

  • 3 months ago

Media company The Press Democrat hired architecture and interior design firm RMW Architecture & Interiors to design their new office in Santa Rosa, California.

“The new headquarters for The Press Democrat honors its Sonoma legacy while embracing modern workplace and newsroom solutions. Resonating the paper’s enduring presence, transparency and openness are emphasized and integrated for a more inclusive atmosphere. The design maintains the necessary departmental distinctions for both the newsroom, referred to as “mission control,” and the vibrant marketing team area connected by a central break room that provides a focal point of unity.

Key moments in the lobby and adjacent spaces are designed to reflect the journey of the publication. This begins with the wine wall highlighting the paper’s Sonoma wine country coverage. A subtle LED light “storyline” guides visitors through various work zones, culminating at the break room. This unique lighting element illuminates a path for guided tours.

The office design embodies an open newsroom concept that serves diverse work styles and collaborative efforts. Furniture solutions facilitate quick responses to breaking news, supporting the paper’s need for swift information dissemination.”

Collaborative space
Breakout space
Open-plan workspace
Breakout space