Kestie Lane Studio

Kestie Lane Studio

Prahran, Australia

Kestie Lane, founder of Kestie Lane Studio strongly believes ‘what’s on the inside’ is a heart and soul which permeate her life and design.

Kestie has worked for over 20 years in the design world, first starting her career as a designer maker then as an interior designer. Her attention to detail and tactility is brought to life in her highly crafted design projects. Design is innate to Kestie and a fundamental part of her life. Whether she is at home with the family, travelling or in the design studio it inspires her and ignites her creative vision, which she injects into all of her projects.

Kestie’s projects have a calm, confident and inviting aesthetic, like the award-winning interior of The Kettle Black, which she created with her former design partner at Studio You Me, they are infused with warmth and soul. Kestie Lane has established a reputation as an Australian design leader, along with her talented design team the studio has the capability to deliver projects for workplace, hospitality, retail, commercial, residential and multi-residential clients.

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