OSO Architecture

OSO Architecture

Istanbul, Turkey

Founded in 2007 by Ozan Bayık, Serhan Bayık and Okan Bayık, OSO Architecture provides architectural and interior design services. OSO Architecture has adopted a design process that blends rapidly developing and changing new design methods and up-to-date material knowledge with construction economics and a futuristic vision, in a functional and aesthetic way.

We believe each project, in its uniqueness, should be looked at from different and creative perspectives in order to create the most functional and efficient design.

Therefore, OSO Architecture has brought together three different but highly related professions: architecture, interior design and civil engineering; in order to provide consultancy, project development and management, implementation, design, control and contracting services. OSO Architecture has carried out projects of different varieties and sizes both in Turkey and abroad, and is continuing to do so.

Our aim is not only to create an innovative and original architectural project, but also to optimize the investment budget of the employer with the added-value brought by the design.

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