Studio 103

Studio 103

Melbourne, Australia

Studio 103 is an innovative architecture and interior design practice, born in 2013 of an established group of designers. Our multidisciplinary team thrives on creating inspirational spaces, unique to site and function. Our team is widely experienced in education, retail, residential, commercial, exhibition and hospitality design, whether a new build, refurbishment, or heritage project. We aim to create a diverse practice, working across the full spectrum of architecture, interior design, product and furniture design.

Our capabilities are further enhanced by a capacity for design and construct services. Sustainability is our norm. Buildings that are environmentally, socially and economically sustainable add value to owner and occupant. We encourage recycling and reuse of materials wherever possible.

Texture, materiality and spatial experience are major motivators for us. We strive to be inventive and resourceful, making the most out of any budget. We like to use everyday objects in unexpected ways and find original solutions to ordinary spaces, with no two designs the same. We take a collaborative approach to every project, emphasising ongoing client involvement throughout the design process. We enjoy engagement with local artists, designers and craftspeople, finding it raises unforeseen possibilities and takes us in new and exciting directions.

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