Weekday Workplace Design

Weekday Workplace Design

New York City, New York

At Weekday we have set out to find a solution in the intersection between the needs of the corporate world and the needs of their employees. We understand that companies look for flexible and scalable workspaces with room to grow but at the same time have the need retain happy employees.

The lines between work, life, and community are blurring, and the office should reflect these new realities. Design should follow an organic path by creating environments for employee’s daily routines – the need to work alone, then together—and provide a variety of experiences throughout their day.

In today’s work culture providing a workspace where people feel valued, independent and part of a team is more important than ever.

Because everyone is different. There are introverts, extroverts, early risers, night owls, different people thrive in different kind of environments. We believe that the success of the open plan office relays on providing different environments.

The importance of different environments is essentially about changing the dynamics of human relationships in the workplace by having a range of spaces that invite collaboration or individual work. Environments that speak to the needs of workers during a workday.

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