Hammond Studio

Hammond Studio

Sydney, Australia

Hammond Studio is directed by Todd Hammond, who is a quiet force in the Australian interior design community, having worked on widely-recognised and awarded Australian and International projects.

Projects under Todd’s direction range from custom commercial fitouts, bespoke hospitality and hotel complexes, alongside detailed, high-end residential dwellings.

He is passionate about delivering the very best in functional, sustainable and innovative environments that enable his clients to remain at the forefront of their respective fields. The Paramount by The Office Space, in particular, won global attention for its ‘paradigm shift’ for co-working spaces. After holding senior leadership roles in national and global architectural practices, Todd brings his trained eye and design acumen to Hammond Studio, a collaborative environment that allows full expression of his unique blend of natural talent and hard-won experience.

The Hammond Studio team are dedicated to delivering the very best for their clients and building owners, with a quality design outcome that respects materials, craftsmanship, environment, the heritage of the building and the precinct.

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